Japan−Africa University Exchange Meeting 2023 Report

On Wednesday, May 31st, the Japan−Africa University Exchange Meeting 2023 was held at the JST Tokyo Headquarters as a part of the Sakura Science Exchange Program African Officers Invitation Program, which took place from Sunday, May 28th to Saturday, June 3rd.

The event was participated by 30 invitees from Africa, including presidents and vice presidents and officials in charge of international cooperation from the 9 African universities, and 31 participants from Japanese universities and institutions (Please see the below list). At the meeting, 9 African universities and 11 Japanese universities and institutions gave presentations on the characteristics and strengths of their respective institutions, the current status of exchanges between Africa and Japan, and their expectations and prospects for the future. In addition, JST presented outline of the Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), the Africa−Japan Collaborative Research (AJ−CORE), and the Sakura Science Exchange Program.

At the end of the meeting, networking session was held, and the participants had active dialogue with the other participants searching for opportunities to establish new international exchanges.

List of Participating Universities

African Side

Cairo University Egypt
Egypt−Japan University of Science and Technology Egypt
University of Ghana Ghana
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Kenya
University of Nairobi Kenya
University of Nigeria Nigeria
University of Pretoria South Africa
Stellenbosch University South Africa
University of Zambia Zambia

Japanese Side

Akita University Shizuoka University
Hiroshima University Sophia University
Hokkaido University The University of Tokyo
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Tohoku University
Kobe Institute of Computing Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kobe University Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Kyoto University Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Kyushu University Yamaguchi University
Nagasaki University Ashinaga Foundation
Nagoya University
日本・アフリカ大学交流会議2023 開催レポート写真1
日本・アフリカ大学交流会議2023 開催レポート写真2
日本・アフリカ大学交流会議2023 開催レポート写真3
日本・アフリカ大学交流会議2023 開催レポート写真4