Situation Report of COVID−19 by Sakura Alumni

Situation Report of COVID−19 by Sakura Alumni

Ooi Hong Kean

SARS−CoV−2 (COVID−19) has spread throughout the world and is still a pandemic today. Through the Sakura Science Program conducted by Azabu University, many veterinarians from various Asian countries and regions have been invited to visit Japan. We have formed an international network to share information on infectious diseases that are prevalent in our respective countries. Through this information sharing, we hope to contribute to the international control of infectious disease, in one way or another, as stated in our project slogan: Harmony, Fraternity and Networking through learning together and from each other. Through our international network and the principle of information sharing, we present the current COVID−19 situation in the various countries and regions as follows.

Advisor for International Relation and Cooperation, Sakura Science Program Headquarters,
Former Professor of Azabu University, Japan Ooi Hong Kean, DVM, PhD,

Profile of Ooi Hong Kean

Born in 1956 in Malaysia. Came to Japan in 1975 under MEXT scholarship. Graduated from Hokkaido University (Japan) with a veterinary degree. After obtaining a Ph.D., he worked at Hokkaido Veterinary Center which was in the private sector. Later, appointed as an instructor at Hokkaido University. Moved to National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), and served as Assoc.Professor, Professor and Dean of Office of International Affairs. Seconded to Yamaguchi University (Japan) to serve as Professor and Deputy Vice-President. From 2013 to 2021, served as a professor at Azabu University (Japan). Presently, being appointed as Advisor for International Relation and Cooperation at Sakura Science Program Headquarters, JST.
Specialty: Veterinary Parasitology, Zoonosis, Public Health, Laboratory Animal Science
has authored or co−authored more than 135 scientific papers.

Since 2014 to 2020, Prof. Ooi has been conducting the Sakura Science Exchange Program (SSP) project at Azabu University annually, with the theme related to the diagnosis and control of infectious diseases, especially zoonotic and epizootic diseases. The SSP participants came from different countries throughout Asia. After returning to their home countries, the SSP alumni of Azabu University formed an international scientific network to share information on the control of infectious diseases in their respective countries.

Total number of COVID−19 cases and percentage of population vaccinated by countries/regions

As of Nov. 2, 2021
Country/Region Population Total COVID
% of
Type of Vaccine***
Argentina 44.4 million 5,289,945 115,989 75 Md, PfB, Can, Spk, AZ, Cv, SinoPh, SinoV
Bangladesh 163.6 million 1,569,753 27,870 25 Md, PfB, Spk, Jns, Cv, SinoPh, SinoV
Bhutan 0.7 million 2,621 3 75 Md, Cv
Brunei 0.4 million 13,246 89 80 Md, PfB, AZ, SinoPh
Cambodia 16.3 million 118,702 2,800 81 AZ, SinoPh, SinoV
Chile 19.3 million 1,696,786 37,777 86 PfB, Can, Spk, Jns, AZ, SinoV
China 1.4 billion 97,314 4,636 76 An, Can, SinoPh, SinoV, Minhai
India 1.2 billion 34,285,814 458,470 53 Zydus, Md, Spk, Jns, AZ, Cv, Bha
Indonesia 255 million 4,244,761 143,423 44 An, Md, PfB, Can, Spk, Jns, AZ, SinoPh, SinoV
Iran 85.4 million 5,934,495 126,456 61 Vax, Spk, Spk, Jns, AZ, SinoPh, Bha, Shifa
Kazakhstan 18.6 million 941,793 12,133 44 Spk, SinoV, QV
Republic of Korea 51.2 million 367,974 2,874 80 Md, PfB, Jns, AZ
Laos 6.4 million 40,956 67 44 Spk, SinoPh, SinoV
Malaysia 32 million 2,476,268 28,975 78 Md, PfB, Can, Jns, AZ, SinoPh, SinoV
Mongolia 3.2 million 361,388 1,755 68 Md, PfB, Spk, AZ, SinoPh
Myanmar 51.4 million 500,950 18,714 23 Spk, Cv
Nepal 28.7 million 813,011 11,416 29 Spk, Cv, Jns, SinoPh, SinoV, Bha
Pakistan 207.7 million 1,274,017 28,466 32 Md, PfB, Can, Spk, AZ, SinoPh, SinoV
Papua New Guinea 8.6 million 29,813 370 2 Jns, AZ, SinoPh
Peru 33.6 million 2,202,189 200,276 57 PfB, Jns, AZ, SinoPh
Philippines 100.9 million 2,790,375 43,276 25 Md, PfB, Spk, Jns, AZ, SinoPh, SinoV, Bha
Singapore 5.6 million 200,844 421 81 Md, PfB, SinoV
Sri Lanka 21.0 million 541,639 12,133 71 Md, PfB, Spk, AZ, Cv, SinoPh, SinoV
Taiwan 23.6 million 16,421 847 72 Medi, Md, PfB, AZ
Thailand 68.9 million 1,927,763 19,338 61 Md, PfB, Jns, AZ, SinoPh, SinoV
Uzbekistan 34.1 million 186,521 1,327 38 An, Spk, AZ
Vietnam 94.6 million 926,720 22,131 58 CIGB, Md, PfB, Spk, Jns, AZ, SinoPh
Japan 125.9 million 1,722,864 18,268 78 MdTak, PfB, AZ
World 7.9 billion 248,023,907 5,024,258 50 23 vaccines approved by at least 1 country
Source of data
* Total cases & death: Culminated figures since Jan. 2020
** % of total (fully+partially) population vaccinated with COVID−19 vaccines
*** Type of Vaccines
DNA vaccine
Zydus: Zydus Cadila, ZyCoV−D
Protein Subunit vaccine
An: Anhui Zhifei Longcom, ZF2001
Vax: Vaxine/CinnaGen Co., COVAX−19
Medi: Medigen, MVC−COV1901
CIGB: Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, CIGB−66
mRNA vaccine
Md: Moderna, mRNA−1273
MdTak: Takeda, TAK−919 (Moderna formulation)
PfB: Pfizer/BioNTech, BNT162b2
Non−Replicating Viral Vector
Can: CanSino, Ad5−nCoV
Spk: Gamaleya, Sputnik V or Sputnik Light
Jns: Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Ad26.COV2.S
AZ: Oxford/AstraZeneca, AZD122
Cv: Serum Institute of India, Covishield (Oxford/AstraZeneca formulation)
Inactivated vaccine
SinoPh: Sinopharm BBIBP−CorV (Vero Cells), or Inactivated (Vero Cells)
SinoV: Sinovac, CoronaVac
Minhai: Minhai Biotechnology Co., SARS−CoV−2 Vaccine (Vero Cells)
Shifa: Shifa Pharmed Industrial Co., COVID−19 Inactivated Vaccine
Bha: Bharat Biotech, Covaxin
QV: Kazakhstan RIBSP, QazVac