Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.15

Students from Beijing Jiaotong University study advanced technologies and challenges of the Japanese urban transportation system

Report from Yokohama National University

With the support of Sakura Science Exchange Program, the International Strategy Organization of Yokohama National University (YNU) invited two undergraduate students, three graduate students, and one faculty member from the Department of Transportation Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University in China for a week-long exchange program running from November 25 to December 1, 2019.

At the Motosumiyoshi Inspection Depot of Tokyu Railways

Beijing Jiaotong University is a comprehensive university based on a research and educational institution related to railway engineering. It is one of China’s top universities in traffic planning and traffic engineering. Exchange between the two universities started when the Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University visited YNU in July 2015. Afterwards, Professor Nakamura Fumihiko, who specializes in urban transport planning, gave a special lecture at Beijing Jiaotong University. Also, YNU students visited Beijing Jiaotong University for a short-term study abroad program during which they deepened exchange with Chinese researchers through activities such as studying the Chinese high-speed train simulator. In January 2017, YNU and Beijing Jiaotong University entered into an agreement for technological exchange.

The recent exchange program was planned as the third program in this academic year after entering into the agreement. The program aimed to have students from Beijing Jiaotong University study the connection between transportation and cities through cutting-edge education in the transportation field at Yokohama National University and through field trips. Furthermore, for YNU students, these exchanges with Chinese students in the same field of research enable an exchange of opinions on research and provide an opportunity for students to become aware of the diversity of cultures and customs, thus broadening their global perspective.

■Educational experience in the field of transportation

In this exchange program, special lectures on transportation were given by faculty members of the Transportation and Urban Engineering Laboratory (TUEL) of the Graduate School of Urban Innovation, YNU. The lecture series began with a special lectured entitled “Urban Transportation Planning” (by Professor Nakamura Fumihiko) which was held in August at Beijing Jiaotong University After Chinese students visited Japan during the program, two lectures were given in English: “Introduction to COI” (by Specially Appointed Associate Professor Ariyoshi Ryo) and “Urban Road Design” (by Assistant Professor Miura Shino). Then, based on the lecture content, students exchanged opinions on traffic conditions in Beijing and traffic conditions in Japan (especially in the Tokyo metropolitan area).

Moreover, students affiliated with TUEL created opportunities for student exchange and study sessions based on introductions of research content. Chinese students were able to directly study the how YNU’s method of approaching transporting and urban research emphasizes practical initiatives. It was a meaningful opportunity to study new ways of ascertaining academics and urban planning.

“Introduction to COI”: Lecture given by Specially Appointed Associate Professor Ariyoshi Ryo
■Field Trips

(1) Tour of the Motosumiyoshi Inspection Depot of Tokyu Railways and tour of Tokyu Bus

(2) On-site tour of Tokyu Community Bus operations in the area around Keikyu Tomioka Station

(3) Tour of Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters

(4) Tour of the Railway Museum

On-site tour of Tokyu Community Bus operations
■Experiencing Japanese culture

Invitees attended a special lecture on Japan and Japanese culture by Professor Hasegawa Kenji of the International Strategy Promotion Organization at YNU. They also attended a special lecture and hands-on experience of Japanese culture experience (iaido; the art of sword drawing) by Professor Yoshida Shohei, also of the International Strategy Promotion Organization.

Japanese cultural experience in iaido (sword drawing) by Professor Yoshida Shohei
■Student workshop

In this year's program, prior to holding the recent exchange program, Professor Fumihiko Nakamura and a group of VNU students visited Beijing Jiaotong University in August. After selecting invitees, opportunities for student exchange were set up in advance, and a platform was established for the active exchange of opinions by students. This facilitated smooth and active acceptance of students into laboratories and exchange among students after Chinese students came to Japan.

Student Workshop: Presentations given by Chinese students

Through this program, we were able to stimulate a high level of interest in invitees from Beijing Jiaotong University through practical examples and learning in the transportation field of Japan. Also, invitees deepened their understanding towards Japan through the lectures and hands-on experiences related to Japanese culture, as well as active exchange among students.

We also introduced the opportunity of studying abroad in Japan through a high-level program based on the recently concluded agreement between YNU and the China Scholarship Council (CSC). We hope that this will lead to opportunities for Beijing Jiaotong University students to consider studying abroad at YNU with the aim of conducting advanced research and obtaining a degree. Moving forward, we expect even further invigoration of exchange between Beijing Jiaotong University and YNU.

We would like to express our deep gratitude towards JST and everyone involved for this opportunity provided by the Sakura Science Exchange Program.