Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.60

Students from Hanoi University of Science of Vietnam National University, Hanoi learn about environmental conservation technology in Kitakyushu

Report from Professor Hidenari Yasui, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu

On March 3rd Mr. Nguyen Thi Ha, Head of the Department of Environmental Studies at Hanoi University of Science of Vietnam National University, Hanoi and 10 of his students came to Japan.

The University of Kitakyushu was certified as No. 1 for the Advanced Human Resources Development Project (Project 911) by the Vietnamese government in FY2014, and it is also a cooperative school of Vietnam Japan University (Affiliated with Vietnam National University, Hanoi) established in Hanoi with the cooperation of Japan in 2016. The SAKURA Exchange program in science of this university, is intended to implement the matching of the collaborative education of graduate schools that is going to start from now and the collaborative research conducted in the accepted laboratories, and ensures that the course of human resource development is reliable, by inviting Government-sponsored foreign student candidates of the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Japan or self-supporting international students for the short term.

The education and research facilities at the University of Vietnam were inadequate and focused on classroom lecture. Hence for the plan of exchange, the fusion of research and practice aimed to especially incorporate the experimental and practical training in environmental analysis, which is enriched at this university, into the program, and by adding the observation of related facilities in Kitakyushu City which is aiming to become the environmental capital city of Asia by overcoming pollution. All the invited students were visiting Japan for the first time, and hence, on the first and second day a tour was included of Dazaifu Tenman-gū (Shinto shrine), Beppu Onsen (Hot spring), Mojiko Retro district, Shimonoseki Karatsu market, and Kokura castle which are rich in nature and history and notable in Kitakyushu. At the Beppu Onsen, component analysis of metallic resources (lithium) contained in hot spring water (underground hot water), and sampling of each underground hot water location for practical training and theoretical calculation was done, and the onsite visit was associated with the practical training at the university.

image1 Team from Hanoi University of Science arriving at Fukuoka Airport
image2 Collecting underground hot water at Beppu Onsen

From the third day to the sixth day, various experiments and lectures were conducted focusing on the three fields: environmental resources, biotechnology and chemical processes. In the experiment and practical training, where the opportunities to attend in Vietnamese universities are limited, there was a sigh of relief to see the brilliant operation by the Vietnamese seniors who studied at this university. It seems that they were much inspired by the state of local cities in Japan trying to develop while harmonizing the industrial activities and environmental conservation, through the tour of sewage treatment facility visitor center, seawater desalination plant demonstration equipment, and leading eco-town of Japan (waste recycling facilities) for the promotion of water business opened by Kitakyushu.

image3 Great interest in first time biochemistry practice
image4 Separating minor components from test water with an eager look

image5 Visit to Kyushu's largest eco-town

On the seventh, and final, day, student research presentations by both the universities were held. It was worthwhile that every student had made advanced preparation by working hard so as to impress the students of the other university, and the performance was much better than the usual conference presentation. After the research presentation, the award ceremony of SAKURA Exchange program in science completion certificate was held, and they took a commemorative photo.

On the last night, they enjoyed Japanese and international cuisine at a farewell party held by the international and Japanese students of the University of Kitakyushu. The schedule of seven nights and eight days passed very quickly, and everyone safely returned to Vietnam while thinking about future studies and joint research topics.

image6 Student research presentation
image7 Commemorative photo of SAKURA Exchange program in science certificate awarding ceremony