Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.58

Convey to young Vietnamese researchers the wonderfulness of engaging in research activities in Japan

Report from Mr. Takuo Kuboki of Dental School, Okayama University

Four Doctors from the Dental school at Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Dental school at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam were invited to participate in a program at Okayama University from January 14 to February 3, 2018 for a period of 21 days. This program was aimed at making them realize the wonderfulness of engaging in research activities as foreign researchers in Japan in the future, by learning more about the research field in which each of the invitees was interested.

image1 Observation of Periodontal surgery under general anesthesia,
with the Doctors of the Periodontal Department to which they were attached

When the Doctors arrived in Japan on January 14th, Japan was hit by a wave of the coldest weather this winter, and they started Japanese life with a surprise in Japan that was colder than expected. On the next day, they visited the Dental school on the Shikada Campus, after the orientation they had an interview with the Doctor of the laboratory to which they were attached and started preparing for research activities and medical examination from the next day. This year, two Doctors were attached to the Periodontal pathology field, one each to the Orthodontics field and Pediatric dentistry field, and a high interest in clinical research could be seen.

On January 17th, they participated in a welcome party hosted by the alumni association of the Dental school. During the stay of the Doctors, another team of 20 short-term international students and researchers from 8 universities in 6 countries stayed at the dental school, and with the mix of international graduate students, enrolled students, and also the faculty members, there was an amusing conversation with rich international character.

image2 At the welcome party hosted by students

Besides the research activities and medical examination at each attached department, they participated in an international symposium on Biomedical engineering held on January 26th,, in addition to a series of lectures on research in various fields conducted mainly at Okayama University every day in the afternoon in the English language, and it was a good opportunity to focus and deepen their knowledge about the field of advanced medical dentistry.

image3 Group photo at international symposium

For two days on January 22nd and 23rd they went to the Kansai area and learned broadly about various aspects of Japanese dental care. On the first day, they visited the Sunstar Dental Clinic at the Osaka University Dental Hospital in Toyonaka City, Osaka prefecture, and were guided to the educational, research and clinical sites. The next day, they visited the Kyoto factory of J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation which manufactures and sells apparatus and instruments for the dental and medical fields and learned about the technology that has been supporting dental care in Japan. During lunchtime, an opportunity to interact with Vietnamese trainees working at the same factory was created, and it seems that it was a good stimulus.

image4 Series of lectures in English on 2nd day Lecture scene with Dr. Yoshizo Matsuka
image6 Observing the dental examination chair of the past at the museum of J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation
image6 Luncheon with Vietnamese trainees working at J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

image7 At Osaka University Visiting student training facilities guided by Dr. Mine
image8 Lecture by Dr. Kurosaka at Osaka University

image9 Visiting Sunstar Dental Clinic

On the weekend, they took a private bus and went for a day tour along with the students, faculty volunteers and other short-term international students, walked along the Ohara Art Museum possessing world-class paintings, and the beautiful Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter with white walls and overflowing Japanese emotion, viewed the Great Seto Bridge celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and got an opportunity to get exposed to Japanese history and culture.

Although it was a short period of three weeks, it seems that they could learn from their respective Doctors and had spent a lot of fulfilling days. Finally, they would like to express their sincere gratitude to SAKURA Exchange program in science, Okayama University, and to everyone who was involved and who cooperated in the implementation of this program.

image10 Day tour during weekend, viewing Great Seto Bridge

[Comment from the Doctor of Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy]

We have worked in Dental school in Okayama University for 3 weeks, from Jan. 15th to Feb. 3rd. I've learned a lot of things about the country and the people of Japan and about my specialized in periodontics.

In Dental School of Okayama University, we learned at the Periodontics Department and some departments such as: Special Needs Dentistry Dept., Prosthodontic Dept., Dental Anesthesiology Dept., Oral Surgery Dept., Pediatric Dept., and Preventive Dentistry Dept. In the afternoon, from 12:50 to 15:00, the lecturers taught me by English. Everywhere and everybody will be ready to help you with the enthusiasm. They are so kind and gentle. I have a strong impression on their behavior.

We have learned the most important thing about dental work, clinical, research methods a lot in Japan. I hope that we could come back to Okayama in the future. And we would like to talk to everybody that: WE LOVE YOU, OKAYAMA!

[Comment from the Doctor of Hanoi Medical University]

On behalf of Hanoi Medical University team, I want to thank you for the time you took to organize our tour this January.

The last three weeks have helped us gain insight into Japanese Dentistry, in particular, and Japanese culture as a whole. We visited some of the departments in your hospital and had many impressive and informative experiences in your facilities. We were especially impressed with your sterile procedures, your professional working spirit, and the way you set up your departments in your hospital. I also enjoyed the English lectures which were given by university’s doctors and professors, many of them are leading figures in the fields. We went on a trip to a historic city Kurashiki in Okayama, Osaka and Kyoto. I was deeply moved by its stunning views. Moreover, the hospitality of your team impressed us with heartwarming meals and enthusiastic welcome and farewell parties. This was the first time we have visited Japan and we are truly amazed with a profound knowledge and emotions about this beautiful country.

We are really looking forward to welcoming your team come to visit our country and explore Vietnamese culture in 2018.

* From the 11th day this program was conducted with our own funds.