Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.52

Medical students in China learn Japanese advanced medical technologies

Report from Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University

The Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University invited the students from Ningxia Medical University in China for ten days from October 9th to 18th, 2017. These universities exchanged an agreement of affiliation, and the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science provided support for this project.


They arrived at Izumo Airport, and went right on to participate in the classes of the Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University. They improved on their communication skills with patients (medical examination by interview) by interviewing mock patients. According to them, interviewing of patients as a part of a medical examination is not very advanced in China. Receiving such guidance at the low grades was refreshing for them and surprised them very much.

image2 Arriving at Izumo Airport
image2 Explanation of X-ray data at the Radiology Dept.


The participants visited the local hospitals as well as nursing care facilities for the elderly, and received practical training. There are so many nursing care facilities for the elderly, because the percentage of elderly in the entire population of Shimane Prefecture is particulary high. They learned about well equipped services and the operations of staff members. They also accompanied the hospital staff who visited patients at their homes. We showed the intimate relationship between local hospitals and the patients in the area. They have also visited some elderly homes which provide good health care services for the elderly, and talked with a woman who is 100 years old. The international exchange students believe that there will be an aging society in the future in China as well, and they were expressing how much they have learned by visiting facilities.

image3 Visiting a nursing care eldery home
image4 Interaction with people at a nursing care eldery home


They learned about the devices which were developed by joint effort of the University and businesses at the Cooperative Research Center at the Izumo Campus of Shimane University, and used the devices. In addition, postgraduate students from Ningxia Medical University, who are pursuing the medical research program at the Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University, provided presentations on their research themes and the details, as well as on life in Japan. Some of the participants are willing to study at the Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University in the future. They were all ears during the presentation, which was a meaningful time for them, and asked a lot of questions.

image5 Using “Hands free LED light” at Cooperative Research Center
image6 Presentation by postgraduate students from Ningxia Medical University


They visited the research centers of Pharmacology, Clinical Oncology & Respiratory Medicine, and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at which the graduates from Ningxia Medical University have been studying, and learned the details of the research.


International exchange students participated in the school festival (Kuebiko Festival) of the Faculty Of Medicine, Shimane University, joined the Chinese booth together with the postgraduate students and offered dumplings and drinks to the visitors.


They also visited Izumotaisha Shrine, Shimane winery, and Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo, which are sightseeing spots of Izumo, and had a good opportunity to learn the history and culture of Japan.

image7 At Izumotaisha Shrine


They observed the clinical practical training of postgraduate students in Neurology and Nephrology, participated in discussions and observed medical practices for outpatients and patients in the hospital as well. They got along with other medical students and shared all kinds of information about medical practices.

image8 Nephrology discussion


There are various kinds of simulation apparatus available at the Clinical Skills Improvement Center. Instructors provided guidance using a manual training simulator (dummy), and the students received training on tracheal intubation, blood sampling and ultrasonic examination, etc. They do not have such training facilities at Ningxia Medical University. The students were surprised to see such advanced facilities and technologies in Japan.

image9 Students receive practical training at the Clinical Skills Improvement Center

In the office of the Dean of the medical department, they made an English speech about the practical training they had received, and also received a certificate of completion of the course. The Dean of the medical department encouraged the students and expressed his wish for them to be wonderful medical people by taking advantage of the experience they had in Japan regardless of the shortness of the visit.

image10 Students received certificates