Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.45

"Sakura Exchange Program in Science" with University of Technology (Yatanapon Cyber City) (UTYCC) in Myanmmar

Report from Okayama University

Overview of Sakura Exchange Program in Science

"Sakura Exchange Program in Science" was held at Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University from February 15 to 24, 2018. Five teachers and five master students were invited from University of Technology (Yatanapon Cyber City) (UTYCC) that is one of the top engineering universities in Myanmar. They arrived in Okayama University at noon on February 15 through Kansai airport. After they checked in the international student dormitory in the university, they enjoyed the campus tour.

Research Activities

On February 16, the first day of the activities, Prof. Nobuo Funabiki had the orientation for this program with introducing the program schedule and the overviews of the university and the laboratory including current research works. Then, Myanmar teachers and students started to learn how to use LaTeX that has been commonly used in thesis and paper writing.

image1 Orientation
image2 LaTeX study

On the following days, the current research activities were presented by the members from UTYCC and some students from Funabiki Laboratory. During each presentation, we had fruitful discussions to improve presentations and research activities including future works and the collaborations. The members from UTYCC also studied the Java Programming Learning Assistant System (JPLAS) and the Elastic WLAN System (E-WLAN) as the current research works in Funabiki Laboratory. They showed great interests in them, where some Myanmar students are highly interested in studying in Okayama University.

image3 Research presentation
image4 Discussion on research works

image5 JPLAS study
image6 E-WLAN study

Culture Activities

The welcome party was held on February 19 in the Co-op cafeteria in Okayama University. All the participants enjoyed talks and Japanese foods. Many Myanmar participants wore their traditional dresses called “Longyi”. During the party, Myanmar students performed the traditional dance called “ThinGyan”.

image7 Welcome party
image8 Myanmar traditional dance

Myanmar members also visited Okayama Korakuen, Kurashiki, and Kyoto for sightseeing. They were very interested in Japanese culture and customs.

image9 Kurashiki visit
image10 Kyoto visit

Final Presentation

On February 24, Myanmar members gave their final presentations and Prof. Nobuo Funabiki gave some comments on their presentations. Then, in the evening, they went back to Myanmar through Kansai airport.