Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.41

Practical manufacturing (Monozukuri) exchanges and high technology observation with Mongolian National College of Technology and Training Center

Report from National Institute of Technology Nagaoka College

A total of 12 members, including 10 students and 2 supervisory faculty staff members, from Mongolian National College of Technology visited Japan, for 10 days from December 4th (Mon) to December 13th (Wed), 2017, and conducted "Practical Manufacturing (Monozukuri) Exchange" and advanced technology observation.

Mongolian National College of Technology is a school based on the model class of the Japanese College of Technology Education that was started at the Mongolian Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET).

Neusoft Institute, Guangdong is a university established with the approval of Guangdong Province and registration in the Education Department, and provides education focused on innovative IT technology, collaboration with industry, and internationalization. In the exchange program, 2D and 3D-CAD design, part fabrication using laser cutters and 3D printers was done with the theme of manufacturing educational toys (puzzles).

This school’s students who participated in the overseas dispatch training in Mongolia during September and the international students from Mongolia participated in the exchange. They were pleased with the reunion in Japan, and were able to deepen the bonds. The students at the Mongolian National College of Technology have a variety of specialties, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering. All the students could learn the operation of software and hardware and could experience a series of flow in manufacturing (Monozukuri).

Students who participated in the exchange conversed with each other in both English and Japanese, and that also led to the improvement of their communication skills.

image1 Commemorative photograph on the courtesy call
by the Head of the National Institute of
Technology Nagaoka College
image2 Experiencing judo between campus tours

image3 Conducting CAD design jointly with Nagaoka College students
image4 Parts produced with a laser cutter

image5 Three-dimensional parts manufactured with 3D printers
image6 Memorial photograph after awarding course completion certificate

While staying at the Nagaoka National Institute of Technology, the students at the Mongolian National College of Technology and the supervising teacher stayed at the guest room of the student dormitory and lived with the dormitory students.

During the program, they visited a factory in Sanjo city, learned about its history and traditional metal processing technology. Before coming to the National Institute of Technology Nagaoka College, they were given advanced technology tours at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and the Sky Tree, after completing the program at Gunma National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka National Institute of Technology, by combining with the return travel.

At Gunma National College of Technology, they were received by the entire class of college students, and guided inside the campus and laboratory by associate professor Mr.Choi. They visited the latest AR/VR technology and other technologies that are different from the National Institute of Technology Nagaoka College such as the shared use research facilities.

The students of Mongolian National College of Technology, through their learning at Nagaoka National Institute of Technology, and their visit to the factory that utilized traditional metal processing technology and various advanced technologies, voiced such impressions as, "It was good to be able to interact with students of the same generation aiming to be engineers”, "My understanding of culture, science and technology of both countries has deepened”, and "It was possible to know Japanese advanced technology and Japanese culture".

image7 In the tour of the Suwada Blacksmith Works Inc.,
they saw the polishing work of cutting knife by
artisans and were surprised by that technology
image8 In the tour of Tadafusa Co., Ltd., they were
overwhelmed by the variety of kitchen knives

image9 They observed AR/VR technology at the National
Institute of Technology, Gunma College
image10 In the tour of Snow Peak Inc., they felt the same
atmosphere as in Mongolia at the vast site
behind the mountains

Finally, they would like to thank the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science for supporting this program.