Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.39

International exchange with Madania high school in Indonesia connecting through science

Report from Wakayama Prefectural Hidaka High School

Four students and one faculty member from Madania high school in Indonesia were invited to attend the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science at Hidaka High School from November 12th to 17th, 2017. The Program was conducted on the theme of "International exchange connecting through science". Madania High School includes elementary school through senior high school in Jakarta City, is also active in international and science education, and is one of the schools continuing the exchanges since the "Asian High School Student Forum" sponsored by Hidaka High School.

November 12th (Sunday):

Checked in at a hotel in Sennan city, after arriving at Kansai Airport.

November 13th (Monday):

At the hotel, they were joined by 10 students and 3 teachers of Hidaka high school who participated in the program and went to RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) in Kobe City while interacting with each other on the bus.

In the morning, they visited the K computer (Named for the Japanese word "Kei") of Advanced Institute for Computational Sciences (AICS) and learned about the construction and research results of the supercomputer. After lunch, they visited CDB (Riken Centre for Developmental Biology) and learned about advanced research on regenerative medicine, mainly IPS cellular research. The participants listened to the research explanation and exhibition contents with great interest at each facility.

After that, they deepened the exchanges at the Kobe animal kingdom, and then moved to a hotel in Himeji city.

image1 Visit to K computer (Named for the Japanese
word "Kei") of Advanced Institute for
Computational Sciences (AICS)
image2 Visit to CDB (Riken Centre for Developmental Biology)

November 14th (Tuesday):

Today, they visited RIKEN Center for Synchrotron Radiation Science Research and observed the SPring 8, SACLA etc., and were given an outline of the facility, the research contents and the results. The participants seemed to be surprised at the large-scale of the research facilities and the wide range of achievements. Here, they could learn about the research being done and about living in Japan from the international students.

image3 At the Synchrotron Radiation Science Research
image4 Visit to SPring8

November 15th (Wednesday) and November 16th (Thursday) :

The program at Hidaka High School was conducted over these two days.

After the welcoming ceremony participated in by of all the school students, the "Genetic modification experiment" and "Experiment of detecting the gene type by electrophoresis" were conducted under the guidance of two teachers of this school. After confirming the principle of the experiment and the usage methods of instruments such as use of micro pipettes, they proceeded to the experiment as a mixed group of teachers and students of Madania High School, along with cooperation from the interpreters.

There was an active question session with rich content and smooth cooperation within the group. As the time progressed, the communication deepened, and discussions among the students became prominent during the preparation and presentation of the data.

image5 Welcoming ceremony at gymnasium
image6 Genetic recombination experiment 1

image7 Genetic recombination experiment 2 (Preparing for UV irradiation)
image8 Learning about the electrophoretic method

After the experiments, they visited the historic streets of the city with the guidance of this college’s students, and experienced the archery section, a traditional Japanese martial art. It seems that the experience of a culture different from Indonesia had left an impression.

Approximately 40 students participated in the party organized by the planning and management team of the International Exchange Committee, and they deepened the exchanges busily until the end. It seems that the aim of this plan "International exchange connecting through science" has been fully achieved.

image9 Strolling with the International Exchange
Committee members in the town built within the
semi-fortified compounds of a temple
image10 At the Farewell Party

November 17th (Friday):

They reached home safely.