Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.33

Japan-Vietnam Human Resources Development for utilization of radioactivity by Pulse Accelerator etc.

Report from Nagaoka University of Technology

<Aim of the Program>

The promising students and staff from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and Dalat University, selected as the Nuclear Human Resource Development base of the Government of Vietnam, were invited, and joint research on radiation was conduct between the 4th and the 13th of December 2017 at the Nagaoka University of Technology.

A total of eight laboratories including the Extreme Energy-Density Research Institute (EDI), which is the research center on Japan's only pulse accelerator, provided experimental and computational themes for accelerators and radioactive isotopes, and guided the participants in the research activities on the utilization of radioactivity, irradiation damage and nuclear technology. In particular, this project was aimed at the education of radiation utilization technology for medical use and construction of a network between young engineers, by the collaboration of the participants with the Japanese students having the experience of staying in Vietnam and those who have Vietnamese friends. This project was conducted with the aim of finding those who are aspiring for further higher education, and to help them in gaining admission to the master or doctoral course at the university.

image1 Commemorative photo taken in the snow


After thoroughly informing both schools, there was hope for participation from 19 young staff members and students. Among them, 10 students with outstanding academic results were selected and invited, based on their GPA (Grade Point Average: Grade point value of the students calculated by a specific method from the results of each academic discipline) and English ability.

After the participants came to Japan, campus introduction and safety training, including radiation safety training, was conducted. Thereafter, 10 participants were divided into 8 laboratories, and joint research on radiation, nuclear power etc. was started as per the following schedule. On the weekend, training was conducted on the practical use of radiation by visiting nuclear power plants. In addition, student college life at Nagaoka was introduced by the Vietnamese teachers and students of the university.

Participants on holiday also enjoyed such experiences of living in Japan as first time skiing at Kagura ski resort, rich soup of Niigata ramen, and cosmetic skin beautification.

image2 Group photo in front of Pulsed electron beam accelerator “ETIGO-III” used in collaborative research
image3 Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant tour

image4 Girls shopping for cosmetics
image5 All participants love Niigata ramen

image6 First skiing experience at Kagura ski resort


December 2017

4thUniversity introduction, Safety training
5thCollaborative research at 8 laboratories, Social gathering
6th ˜ 8thCollaborative research at 8 laboratories
9thVisit to Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
10thNagaoka life introduction, Prefecture tour
11thCollaborative research at 8 laboratories
12thAnnouncement preparation, Achievement presentation

<Summary at the end>

After the achievement presentation on the last day, all the participants received the completion certificate and returned safely to their home country. We believe that it is possible to construct a close personal network between the two countries, by the collaboration of the participants with the Japanese teachers and students of the university and with the Vietnamese teachers and students.

image7 Lecture on student life in Japan by Vietnamese faculty members of the university

<Deployment after completion and future prospects>

After returning home, two of the university faculty members visited Vietnam and conducted follow-up. At this time and though e-mail inquiry, it was ascertained that 5 out of 10 participants had the hope of entering further education in this University.

This project is expected to build a strong relationship between the universities, that could be provided to the universities, laboratories and business persons in Vietnam.

image7 Result presentation and certificate award ceremony