Activity Report

Activity Report of Open Application Course vol.22

Young Vietnamese professionals gain practical experience in JAIST advanced materials science research

Report from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Through the SAKURA Exchange Program in Science, the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) invited a total of 10 young professionals from 8 institutions in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to participate in a nine-day program held from November 2 to 10, 2017. Participants included 2 faculty members, 1 researcher, 1 graduate student, 5 university students, and 1 high school students from institutions such as Vietnam National University, Hanoi Medical University, the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and the University of Danang.

写真1 At the main entrance of JAIST

Participants toured research facilities at JAIST. Also, in order to ascertain the living environment of JAIST students, they also visited facilities such as libraries, student cafeterias, and student dormitories.

The purpose of the program was to allow participants to receive practical experience on the same level as students in the JAIST School of Materials Science, which conducts advanced research in Japan. Participants also gathered information on Japanese culture, and engaged in cultural exchanges and experiences.
Through practical exercises and discussion at laboratories in each of the three schools at JAIST, program participants experienced how JAIST offers the ideal environment for acquiring advanced Japanese scientific technology that will be invaluable in future research activities. The visit was an opportunity to create research opportunities for the Vietnamese students and enable face-to-face consultation with JAIST faculty for students who wish to enroll at our university. Also, participating faculty members discovered new opportunities for collaborative research and considered how to foster a relationship for joint Japan-Vietnam research and development.

写真2 Meeting with President Asano

During a meeting with President Asano, participants introduced themselves and explained their purpose for visiting JAIST.
They also held a discussion from the perspective for encouraging advanced scientific education, research, and cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam.

Research activities

At the Center for Nano Materials and Technology, participants observed an electronic microscope (JEM-AR200F) and received an explanation from the Director on advanced research technology (CNMT) being collaborated on by JAIST and Vietnamese universities. Participants took a special class taught by Research Associate Professor Manish Biyani (Nano-Bio Devices) and Associate Professor Dam Hieu Chi (Computer Processing Materials). They also toured the CNMT and engineering workshop at JAIST. They also divided into groups in order to participate in research at four different laboratories. Activities included discussions of research activities at seminar classes and presentations.

・Takamura Laboratory (development of nano-bio sensor impact for early detection)

・Murata Laboratory (impact on the current density-voltage characteristics of low-level emission diodes using charge recombinant organic material)

・Mizutani Laboratory (sum frequency spectrometry during optical methods for inorganic materials)

・Ho Laboratory (investigation of silicon rubber mechanical properties for flexible robotic engineering)

写真3 Participants listen to an explanation on research activities from Dean Tsukahara of the School of Materials Science.
Professor Tsukahara introduced the history behind the founding of JAIST and the School of Materials Science. He also explained about the four main fields (1) physics, 2) energy and the environment, 3) chemistry, and 4) biotechnology) bioscience and which are the current focus of the School. Based on their fields of expertise, students asked questions about research and discussed research application.
写真4 Students observe the atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscope (JEM-AR200F) at the Center for Nano Materials and Technology
Students also received an explanation from Professor Suzuki on cutting-edge research activities for functional organic/inorganic materials and nano devices. They observed advanced equipment at the Center including a transmission electron microscope (TEM), equipment for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), a focused ion beam (FIB), and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS).

写真5 Participating in a research seminar at the Takamura Laboratory
写真6 Student at the Takamura Laboratory demonstrates the use of microplasma equipment
Participants listened to an explanation on research themes which use liquid electrode plasma (LEP) to detect precious metals. While participating in partial practical experiments, participants noticed a defect in the LEP microplasma structure and attempted to measure signals from the sample.

Cultural exchange activities

Vietnamese students strolled through the grounds of Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden, both of which are important sites of Japanese traditional culture and history. They also visited the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. Other activities included a tour of Science Hills Komatsu, which features exhibits on advanced technology, and exchange with local residents by participating in the Mountain Vegetable Festival held in Oguchi Town, Nomi City. They also experienced a half-day homestay in Nomi City, which enabled them to directly experience Japanese lifestyle and cuisine.

写真7 Watching a performing arts festival in front of Kanazawa Station
As cultural exchange activities, participants visited sites throughout Kanazawa City including Kanazawa Station, Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.
The group from Vietnam was impressed by the beauty of Japanese culture and traditional performing arts.

We hope that this 10-day practical experience in Japan will help the participants to become outstanding researchers who will connect the scientific research of Vietnam and the rest of the world.

写真8 At the final presentation