COVID-19 in Thailand

COVID-19 in Thailand

Fuengfa Damjamnong, DVM, RMUTSV

The first case COVID-19 in Thailand was detected on 15 January 2020, in travelers from China.

On May 02, 2020, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Thailand are 2,966. There are 180 patients still hospitalized including the 6 newly discharged patients reported today; 2,732 patients recovered and 54 patient deceased. (Source: Last update : 02/05/2020)

Left square: The youngest age of COVID-19 infected person is 1 month
The oldest age of COVID-19 infected person is 97 years
Average age is 40 years
Right graph: There was a steady increase in COVID-19 cases but patients recovered also steadily increase. (Source: )

Thailand's night curfew from 10 pm to 4 am starts from Friday 3 April 2020. All people in Thailand were banned from leaving home from 10pm to 4am starting Friday in the government’s latest move to contain the spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister announced the curfew on Thursday evening. Exempted from the curfew are medical and banking personnel, as well as logistic workers handling consumer products, farm goods, pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and equipment, newspapers, petrol, postal parcels, or products to be imported or exported. Movements of people to quarantine places are also allowed. Other exemptions are people working normal night shifts or those heading to or from airports with necessary documents stating the purposes, or officials working by the announcements or orders and those allowed by officials to leave the house on emergencies. Violation will result in a jail term of not more than two years and/or a fine not more than 40,000 baht. (source:

The city on the night of the curfew from 10pm to 4am announced by the Prime Minister.

How it has affected my lifestyle

After I came back from Japan (SSP2020) I was a little panic for infection, so I distanced myself from the students, colleague and my family. I have protected myself by wearing a face mask all the time in the public, washing hands with hand sanitizer soap, eating hot foods, etc. In April, the university announced to my dean and faculty to work from home. We will have meeting online via different application such as Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. I conducted the final examination by Google form and oral examination one by one via Line application. Some students did not appreciate that because of internet speed and may be the possibility of the leakage of the answer but I feel comfortable when I stay at home.

From 10-30 April, 2020, my hometown in “Trang” province announced a partial lockdown as it has seen higher number of cases arriving from other provinces. Surveillance measures have been tightened including a 14-day health quarantine for all travelers arriving in Trang. There are 7 reported Covid-19 cases in Trang and all 7 patients have recovered. Now, I have to stay in NaKhon Sri Thammarat province for the long holiday. So I could not go back to my home. I missed my parents very much but I call them via Video call Line every day.

Screening Point of Thung Song district, NaKhon Sri Thammarat province
Temperature taking and hand sterilization
Social distancing in the bank near my home. (Na Khon Sri Thammarat province)
Many people are stocking up on food and other supplies.
(Shopping mall near my home, Na Khon Sri Thammarat province)

Home Quarantine: There are a lot of challenges such as cooking by myself, staying with my pets or we can get cheaper fruit.

I hope everything will turn out fine soon.

Best regards,

Fuengfa Damjamnong, RMUTSV

Participant of Sakura Science Project 2020