A brief report of COVID-19 situation in Pakistan

A brief report of COVID-19 situation in Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Adnan Saeed, Lecturer, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. (13th April, 2020)

Summary of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, first two cases were reported on 26th February, 2020. First death was reported on 20th March, 2020. Punjab province has been hit hard with 2,594 confirmed cases. At present (13th April, 09:00 a.m) illness situation has been summarized as follow.

Total confirmed cases 5,374 https://covid.gov.pk/
Recovered 1,095
Critical 44
Deaths 93
Deserted road in Karachi during COVID-19 lockdown. (Express News)
Measures taken by the government to control this virus infection:

Govt. of Pakistan has taken following steps to curtail virus spread

People waiting to receive free ration from government in Sindh. (The conversation)
Lesson learnt by pandemic:

Pakistani nation has witnessed many disasters in the past. However, public response during these national emergencies has always been very generous and admirable towards the victims. People have learnt that social distancing is a key measure to help contain virus spread. Therefore, “Stay home, stay safe” has become a common slogan. Annual budget of Public health care system needs to be enhanced. Creating public awareness regarding preventive measures is a key to tackle with pandemics.

How pandemic has affected routine life:

Every walk of life has been adversely affected by this pandemic. My university is also facing lock down situation. However, we are progressing academic activities via online means. Experiencing social distancing is unpleasant but it is desirable in present circumstances. My movement has been restricted to just purchasing eatables and basic necessities from the nearest opened shops. Taking regular exercise, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and maintaining online or mobile social contact are good to tackle with this pandemic. I am hopeful and looking forward that soon world will resume its pace!