Covid-19 in Nepal

Covid-19 in Nepal

Date 15th April 2020

Nepal is a landlocked country surrounded by two giants, viz China in the north and India in the east, south and west. The total area of the country is 147181 square kilometer and the total population of around 30 million.

Nepal had the first case of COVID 19 on 23rd February 2020 in a Nepalese immigrant who had returned from China. The second case was seen on 22nd March 2020 in a female who had returned from France. On 25th March the third case was recorded in a male who returned from UAE. Till date there are 16 confirmed cases, one cured and other in mild condition but ongoing treatment. More than 6500 people are kept under quarantine.

Spraying disinfectant solution over vehicles crossing Chitwan district, Nepal

From March 23rd Nepal government declared nationwide lockdown for 7 days. The international borders are closed, all domestic and international flights cancelled. The movement from one district to another district was banned except emergency services and logistics. The first lockdown is now extended up to April 27, 2020. Few hospitals are declared as Corona dedicated hospitals. Public awareness campaigns via radio and television is ongoing. PPE and masks for medical personnel are bought and this shows the government’s preparedness to fight against COVID 19.

Empty street and closed market at Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal during lockdown

Now cases are seen in people who came in contact with the people who came from abroad. Nepal has entered into second stage. Lockdown is stricter and movements are restricted. Life is becoming more difficult.

Dr. Ananta Dahal
Agriculture and Forestry University