CORONA Status in Bangladesh

CORONA Status in Bangladesh

Over the past few months, the number of patients with Covid-19 and the number of associated deaths has been increasing. As a result, the whole world has come to a standstill. The first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bangladesh were announced by IEDCR (Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research) on March 8.

Corona status as on today 03 May 2020

Total Number of COVID19 positive cases: 9455

The government has extended the ongoing closure of all public and private offices till May 5 to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country. This is for the fourth time the government extended shutdown after it first announced the closure of all public and private offices from March 26 to April 4. The first announcement was made on March 23. Emergency services will remain out of the purview of the shutdown. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina hinted that the lockdown will be removed slowly, but educational institutions might remain closed till September.

Celebration of Pohela Boishakh on each year
Scenario during this year

Measures taken by the Government

Government has started distributing hand sanitizer, mask, and gloves among mass people. Individuals are requested to maintain social distance. All sorts of gathering are restricted even in the mosque and other religious gatherings are controlled now. “Pohela Boishakh” the first day of Bengali New Year we celebrate with traditional festivities across the country on 14 April and the traditional procession brought out on Pohela Boishakh received recognition by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. But this year all programs are cancelled and people are requested to stay home and celebrate from home only. This is the season of crop harvesting, but due to lockdown there is a scarcity of daily labours. Government managed help farmer to cut crop from field in very controlled way by making special arrangement for labours.. Government has given subsidies in agriculture sector. Doctors and other health professionals are requested to do their duties in this situation. And about 700 doctors and health service provider are found COVID19 positive. Administrative and defense people are on their duties in the field level. Till now more than 500 police member are affected by COVID19 while 5 have been passed away.

Now 31 institute including hospital, research institute and universities are performing COVID19 test and regularly doing about 6000 sample. Our university also provided one PCR machine to nearby medical college to expedite and increase number of testing.

Beside government some NGO’s like BRAC and many more donate food and hygiene product to needy people.

Main commercial place of capital
Deserted view of commercial hub during lockdown

Effects of COVID19

Bangladesh’s export earnings are increasingly becoming dependent on the readymade garment (RMG) sector. Now this phenomenon is threatening our country’s economy due to corona-crisis. Because the country’s 84% remittance was gaining from this sector.

The Coronavirus epidemic poses a threat to the country’s apparel sector, as foreign buyers have started revising their business strategies amid the prevailing critical situation.

From 26 April the factories are reopening in phases and zone-wise in line with the schedule, prepared by Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, as decided by government high-ups, leaders of trade bodies of the garment sector, experts and economists at a meeting on last week.

Another most important earning sector, the remittance flow to Bangladesh is projected to decline by 22 percent due to the economic crisis induced by Covid-19.

Besides this the daily earning people are the most sufferers in this lockdown situations.

The educational institutions are closed until the lockdown is withdrawn. UGC (University Grant Commission) decided that all public and private universities must ensure online classes. Some are taking classes and assignments through online.

Scenario in a hospital desk during lockdown

Life in lockdown situation

Our daily life has come to a standstill in this lockdown situation. I spend my time at home by doing my daily household works and sometimes perform some official works online. While going out for buying necessary goods, we must use mask and gloves, maintain social distance is a challenge for us due to densely populated country.

Amrita Pondit

Participant of Sakura Science Exchange Program Project 2020 from Bangladesh